Citizens Committee for Responsible Journalism 

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 Statement of Purpose for the Formation of a
Citizens Committee for Responsible Journalism 

As citizens of Washington State, we believe our media is failing us. By and large it fails to verify news facts independently; fails to question statements of those in authority; and fails to disclose information we need for democratic self-governance.

Therefore, we support the creation of a
Citizens Committee for Responsible Journalism

to provide a means to seek accountability from our local news media

by establishing dialogue with them;
by offering knowledge that local experts may have;
by monitoring media coverage of critical issues, beginning with Iraq;
and by offering constructive feedback to our media and to our community members.

To add your name as a supporter, send your name, city, and any titles or
organizational affiliation (to be shown "for identification purposes only") to:

If you would like to be added to the list of supporters but prefer to not receive
email updates, let us know. We will not share your contact information with
anyone or make it public. Anytime you wish to be removed, for any reason,
from the list of supporters, we will do so immediately.

Kristin Adams, Vashon
Gerald Alexander, Seattle
Aldie Amundson, Seattle
Elaine Anderson, Seattle
Glen Anderson, Lacey
Rev. Lisa Anthony, Renton
Don Argus, Seattle
Reilly Atkinson, Ph.D., Pres., Reilly Atkinson & Co., Bellevue 
Kay Barckley, Seattle
Len Bedford, Bellevue
David & Kathleen Bellefeuille, Olympia
Jim Bernthal, Seattle
Dave Berrian, Bothell
Julie Beschta, Seattle
Linda Bevis, JD
Ellen Bezona
Rev. Bill Bichsel, Tacoma Catholic Worker, Tacoma 
Richard B. Blakney, Bothell
Marla Blaser, Kenmore
R. Mike Bloom, University Unitarian Church, Seattle 
Ray Bloom, Silvana
Patricia Boiko, Seattle
Todd Boyle, Kirkland
Joel Bradbury, Seattle
William A. Brady, Bothell
Elizabeth Brant, South King County Progressive Democrats, Seattle 
Rosemary Brodie, Seattle
Susan Brower, Seattle
Rev. Mary Brown, North Bend
Dick Burton, Seattle
Margaret Byers, Seattle
Robert Calkins, Centralia
Arthur Campbell, Des Moines
Bob & Patsy Campbell, Bainbridge Island
Glenda Carper, Seattle
Kurt Christensen, Seattle
Michele Christensen, Seattle
Jerome Chroman, coordinator, Tikkun Community, Seattle 
Gunnel Clark, S.N.O.W, Seattle 
Geoff Cole, Seattle
Sidney Collins, Seattle
Janie & George Comito, SNOW, Seattle 
JoAnne Conard, Seattle
Thomas Conlon, Redmond
Susan Cook, Seattle
Ed Crouch, Seattle
Nael Dagstani
Dorothy & Alfred Dale, Bellingham
Dave Damstrom, Seattle
Jean Darsie, Seattle
Mike Dash, Seattle
Sue Davidson
Sheri Day, Seattle
Karen DeBruler, Renton
Elise DeGooyer, Seattle
Donna Denno, MD
Connie DePond, Federal Way
Kristine DeWeese, Port Townsend
Suzanne DeWeese, Port Townsend
Mary Pat DiLeva , Seattle
Pat Doran, Seattle
Mark Dubach, Seattle
Joanne Dufour, Seattle
Louise DuMont, CSJP, Seattle 
Larry Ebersole, Seattle
Rev. Dee Eisenhauer, Pastor, Eagle Harbor Church, Bainbridge Island 
Karin Engstrom, Seattle
Claudine Erlandson, Shoreline
Jan Fahey, Seattle
Karen Farnsworth, Seattle
Ellen Finkelstein, Seattle
David Fisher, HS Teacher, Seattle
Deborah Flawrenc, Seattle
Beth Flynn, Seattle
Phyllis J. Foley, Port Townsend
Carrie Forster, Elk
Jim Garcia, Vashon
Thomas Gilmore, Bellingham
Ron Ginther
Kiwibob Glanzman, Seattle
E. Joyce Glasgow, Seattle
Dorothy Gordon, Seattle
Pamela Green, Seattle
Pamela Grieff, Seattle
Marc Grossberg, Seattle
Nancy Hagan, Seattle
Amy Hagopian, Seattle
Mark Hammond, Everett
Daniel Hannah, Seattle
Diane G. Hansen, Retired Educator, Seattle 
Elizabeth Hanson, Seattle
Rick Harlan, Seattle
Gretta Harley, Seattle
Soya Jung Harris, Seattle
Betty Hauser, Olympia
Katherine Haven, Seattle
Philip & Marie Heft, Kent
Mary Jane Helmann, Seattle
Patrick Henry, Walla Walla
Elaine Hickman, Jubilee NW Coalition, Seattle 
Heidi Hoelting, Clinton
Diane Hoglund, Seattle
Rebecca Howes, Kirkland
Andrea Imler, Seattle
Livia Jackson, Seattle
Marilyn Jarrell, Seattle
Mark Jenkins, U.W., Seattle 
Mark K. Jensen, Tacoma
Bobby Jenusaitis, Port Townsend
John Jerin, Seattle
Jennifer Johnson, Chairperson, Seattle Chapter, CNI 
Maynard & Nancy Jones, Seattle
David & Nancy Kachel, Seattle
Robert Kauffman, Issaquah
Erica Kay, Seattle
Bob Kendall, Lake Forest Park
Larry Kerschner, Pe Ell
Pierre Kiami, Seattle
Connie Kim, Seattle
Billy King, Seattle
Annette Klapstein, Bainbridge Island
Billy Kreuter, Seattle
Carol LaCasse, Mountlake Terrace
Louise Lansberry, Seattle
Laura Lawless, Port Hadlock
Jonathan Lawson, Reclaim the Media, Seattle 
Dale Leatherman, Seattle
Judith & David LeBlanc
Don Lee, Seattle
Kimberly Leeper, Seattle
Joel & Michelle Levey, Seattle
Judy Lightfoot, Seattle
John-Otto Liljenstolpe, Seattle
Fran Lilleness, Seattle
Nancy Lilly, Retired Educator, Seattle 
Marj and George Lindsay, Seattle
Lisa Lindstom, Seattle
Mark Linsey, Seattle
Diane Love, Bellevue
Janet Lower, Seattle
Karen Lutz, Seattle
Karen Maguire, Seattle
Patricia Manuele, Seattle
Shannon Markley, Seattle
Brian Martel, Bellevue
Eugene Martin, Seattle
Henry Matthews, Seattle
Robert W. Maule, Retired Foreign Service Officer, Poulsbo
March Mazique, Seattle
Staci McClain, Centralia
Mike McCormick, Seattle
Eugene McDonald, Everett
Mary McElhinny, Seattle
Sarah McElroy, Seattle
Kristi McKinney, Seattle
Nan McMurry, Seattle
Kris Meilahn, Woodinville
Karyn Michaelson, Shoreline
Floris Mikkelsen
Karen Mills, Seattle
Angela & Ted Mohr, Seattle
Rob Moitoza, Seattle
Karen Moore, South King County Progressive Coalition, SNOW, Seattle 
Sharon Bell Moore, Tacoma
Bobbie Morgan, Bainbridge Island
Denis and Renee Morrison, Black Diamond
Dr. Diane Morrison, UW School of Social Work, Seattle 
Shirley Morrison, Seattle
Terry Morrison, Shoreline
Marcia Mullins, Seattle
Rev. Randall Mullins, New Creation Community, Seattle 
Camilla Munson, Seattle
Kelly Murphy, Shoreline
Ed Myer, Seattle
Hans Nelsen, Vashon
Dick Nelson, Seattle
Suzanne & Glen Nelson, Kenmore
Ginny NiCarthy, Seattle
Rev. Weldon Nisly, Pastor, Seattle Mennonite Church, Seattle 
John Oliveira, Darrington
Abe Osheroff, Seattle
Eleanor Owen, Seattle
Roni Jo Patterson, Seattle
Susan J. Perkins, Seattle
Henry Perry, Seattle
Rev. Tim Phillips, University Baptist Church, Seattle 
Barbara, RN Phinney, Pres., Local 3197, American Federation of Government Employees 
Mark and Jean Poole, Seattle
Bart Preecs, Edmonds
Tom Preston, Seattle
Christopher Pringer, Rachel Corrie Brigade of Veterans For Peace, Seattle 
Robyn Pruitt-Hamm, Seattle
Marcy Reed, Seattle
Jon Reinsch, Seattle
Tom Reiter, Renton
Jackie Renn
John Repp, Seattle
Sandra & Stan Richardson, Seattle
Elizabeth Roberts, Bremerton
Prakash Rorberts, Tacoma
Will Rose
Wendy Rosenau, Seattle
Randy Rowland, Pepper Spray Productions, Seattle 
Lisa Rutzick, Seattle
Bert Sacks, Seattle
Tom & Mary Savage, Seattle
Edwin Schlapfer, Seattle
Jeremy Schrader, Seattle
Rita & Dick Selin, Seattle
Callie Shanafelt, Seattle
Margaret Shannon, Seattle
Sharon Sherrad, Kirkland
John & Paula Shifley, Seattle
Forest Shomer, Port Townsend
Kris Siebert, Issaquah
Bob Siegel, Center for Social Justice 
Cypress Sigman, Seattle
Dorothy Smith, Chehalis
Susanna Smith, Seattle
Jennifer Smolen, Bellevue
Viki Sonntag, Seattle
Ibrahim R. Soudy, Seattle
Mary & Greg Speltz, Seattle
Dane Spencer, Bainbridge Island
Miriam Spencer, Bellevue
Diane Spenglen, Bainbridge Island
David Swanson, Kirkland
Gary Swearingen
Eddie Tews, Bainbridge Island
Kay Thode, Seattle
Wendy Thomason, Lake Stevens
David Thornbrugh, Seattle
Anne Thureson, Renton
Michael Tivana, Dir., Eastside Fellowship of Reconciliation 
Maria Tomchick, Seattle
Barb Tomlinson, Seattle
Michael Toubbeh, Newcastle
Lauren Tozzi, CCWA/AFT, Seattle 
Nancy Trees, Seattle
Charlotte Utting, Seattle
Ann Vanderpool-Kimura, Tacoma
Deanna J. Vesco, Seattle
Selma Waldman, Seattle
Chris Waldron, Kirkland
Dustin Washington, Seattle
Brian Watson, Bremerton
Vince Webb
Rodger Webster, Seattle
Charles Weems, Seattle
Rita Weinstein, Seattle
Mike Weisman, Reclaim the Media, Seattle 
Merle Weiss, Seattle
David Wesley Wesley, Real Change Newspaper, Seattle 
Connie Wheeler, Bellevue
Margie White, R.N., Bellingham
Rosie Wigutoff, MSW,
Martha Willard, Issaquah
Tamika Williams, Seattle
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Wingard-Phillips, Seattle
Bill Witherup, Seattle
Alice Woldt, Seattle
Esther Wolf, Seattle
Norman Wolf, Seattle
Eiya Wolfe, All Visibility Project, Seattle 
Kim Wool, Seattle
Maryn Wynne, Shoreline
Chris Yambor, Seattle
Mike Yarrow, Organizer, Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation, Seattle 
Ruth Yarrow, Seattle
Linda York, SNOW - Lake City, Seattle 
Bernice Youtz, Tacoma
Elias Ziad, Prof., Bothell
Frank Zucker, Seattle International Human Rights Coaltion, Seattle 

(Organizational affiliations are listed for identification purposes only.)


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