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 Some examples of media coverage of Iraq 

In the years leading up to our current invasion of Iraq
The New England Journal of Medicine's report of 195 Iraqi children dying every day in 1991 was almost totally ignored by the mainstream media. In 1999 when UNICEF reported that US/UN economic sanctions had contributed to the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children, this statistic was also almost totally ignored by our mass media.

In the period of the initial invasion of Iraq
Our media was deeply in bed with the military: we heard mostly from embedded journalists giving a soldier's perspective of the war, and from former U.S. generals on the tactics of war -- but certainly no equal embedded reporting of how the war looked on the receiving end for Iraqis, or from anything like a representative number of citizens who opposed the war.

In the year after the occupation of Baghdad
U.S. Iraq Administrator L. Paul Bremer said, "[Iraq is] not very rich right now because of the devastation to the economy over the last 30 years. Basically these guys didn't invest in anything except the military and the palaces." This false statement went unchallenged, with no mention of the deliberate U.S. Gulf War destruction of civilian infrastructure or of economic sanctions.