Citizens Committee for Responsible Journalism 

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"A country is as good as its newspapers" --Albert Camus

Citizens Committee for Responsible Journalism
5019 Keystone Place North
Seattle, WA 98103
April 24, 2004

Dear Friends,

Some of us believe that our media is failing us badly, especially concerning Iraq.

Groups such as Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR) keep an eye on our national media. We hope to make an impact by focusing on our local media, with our own grass-roots media accountability project.

We propose to form a Citizens Committee for Responsible Journalism to try to make a difference. If we gather 1000-plus supporters from Washington State, we think we can have a positive impact. We are asking you for your name as a supporter of this project, as described below.

We have a website at where there will be an ongoing analysis of local media coverage, both good and bad, beginning with their coverage of Iraq. (See examples.) If you agree we'll also email you between once a week and once a month, as issues arise, to inform you and allow you to take action.

To show the level of community concern about the quality of mainstream news coverage, we intend to post our growing list of supporters' names on our website. To add your name in support of the creation of our local Citizens Committee for Responsible Journalism, click here.

Thank you,

Andrew Fung          Daniel Hannah          Connie Kim          Bert Sacks
For the founding group of a Washington State Citizens Committee for Responsible Journalism

"A journalist is never more true to democracy...than when aggressively doing the job of independently verifying the news of the day; questioning the actions of those in authority; disclosing information the public needs but others wish secret for self-interested purposes."
 --Bill Kovach speaking at The Organization of News Ombudsmen, 4/30/02

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